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Guide to Removing, Disposing of, or Recycling Appliances

Before you buy a new appliance, you should consider the removal and recycling options. Our guide can help you get started.

How To Remove and Recycle Appliances

As your living arrangements change, you may need to replace an old appliance with a more suitable model. Before you buy a new appliance, you should consider the removal and recycling options for the old one. The good news is that you have several options to choose from. It is everyone’s responsibility to preserve the environment. When it comes to appliance recycling, a more environmentally friendly approach can go a long way.

What Are My Options for Removing and Recycling Appliances?

You might be wondering: how do I get rid of old appliances? Your local recycling facilities will determine how you can dispose of them. A quick online search can tell you which recycling options are available to you. In general, most people will have at least one of these options:

1. Appliance Removal or Recycling Services from Retailers and Manufacturers

When you buy a major appliance from a retailer, haul-away services are often available either for free, as part of the purchase, or at a reasonable cost. Ask your retailer what your disposal and recycling options are.

If you are purchasing a new appliance to replace an old one, ask about appliance recycling. In addition to saving you time, these services can ensure your old appliances are handled according to local and provincial regulations. Depending on where you buy your appliance, you may be able to request both uninstall and haul-away options when making your purchase. Ask about this option when you buy your appliance.

2. Local, Regional or Province-Wide Appliance Recycling Programs

Please review your local Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and solid waste programs to make sure your new appliances comply with the laws and regulations in your municipality. Consumers have an easy and environmentally friendly way to recycle end-of-life products through EPR’s end-of-life recycling programs. Appliances left at the curbside may violate local bylaws. Municipalities can help you determine what is best for you depending on your needs. For a reasonable fee, many will pick up bulky items.

Appliance recycling programs allow consumers to recycle their old appliances in an environmentally conscious manner. Recycling programs can vary from place to place, so always ask about details such as appliance removal and hauling, fees, locations, etc.

3. Appliance Removal Services

There are also services available for removing appliances. These organizations recycle old appliances and remove junk from homes. They are sometimes referred to as junk removal companies or appliance/scrap metal collectors. Old washers, refrigerators, and other appliances are often accepted by scrap metal operations, but before you drop them off, make sure there is service available.

Ready to Upgrade?

Thanks to the latest innovations, now is a great time to buy a new appliance. Now you can get laundry done in fewer steps with a washer that automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent. Or perhaps you’d like to complete all your laundry at once with a smart washer and dryer.

Whatever options you’re looking for, and whether you need to replace your refrigerator, range, cooktop, washer, dryer or another appliance, our Appliance Finder makes it easy to find one that suits your needs.

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