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Washer and Dryer Combos for Tight Spaces

No matter how big your home is, doing laundry may not be your favourite chore. However, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or condo, it could be more of a challenge. A smaller living set-up means less space to place dirty clothes, store clean clothes, and even place the laundry basket. Always follow your manufacturer’s instruction manual.
For these reasons, consider a reliable set-up of small-space washers and dryers that will make the most of every inch. In these cases, you ideally need a small stackable washer and dryer or a compact all-in-one laundry centre.

Get Compact Washers and Dryers for Smaller, Narrower Spaces

Compact washers and dryers offer up more space to do laundry with their narrow designs that take up less room than traditional models, even when side by side. Those who have a smaller living arrangement can still obtain the quality clean these products offer while tucking the narrow washer and dryer away to provide more room for things like folding clothes.
You can also consider portable top load washers, which are models you hook up to a sink when in use.

Washers and Dryers You Can Stack in Closets and Vertical Spaces

Another great alternative if you don’t have much space for a washer and dryer in your apartment or condo is to go vertical. Stackable washers and dryers can fit neatly into a closet the size of a pantry without sacrificing performance or number of cycles for you to choose from.
Get a stacked top load washer with a front load dryer single-unit combo or a front load pair that takes up less floor space, giving you more room to move around. Whichever you choose, both are excellent choices for load capacity. Sometimes apartments and condos lack an adequate venting system, so a Long Vent Gas Stacked Laundry Centre with 9 Wash cycles and Wrinkle Shield from Whirlpool is an excellent option with superb drying performance and installation flexibility.

All-In-One Washer Dryer Combo Will Take Up Half the Space

Quite possibly, your best option for saving space is by indulging in a one appliance set-up. You can’t go wrong with an All-In-One Washer and Dryer with a sleek design that won’t break the bank. This fantastic combo, from Whirlpool, saves time and space, allowing you to throw your dirty clothes in and simply wait without having to transfer them over.
Need assistance finding the right washer and dryer? You can check out our Washer Appliance Finder Tool and Dryer Appliance Finder Tool to narrow down your search.
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