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Microwave Sizes You Need to Know Before You Buy

…to be installed directly into existing cabinetry. Built-in Microwaves Built-in microwaves offer no venting capabilities and differ from over-the-range microwaves since they are flush with cabinetry on all sides. Interior…

How to Choose a Microwave

…main microwave types: countertop, over-the-range, and built-in microwaves. Countertop Microwaves Countertop microwaves are the easiest to install. Simply plop them on a flat surface, leave a little room for ventilation,…

What is an Over-the-Range Microwave?

…over-the-range microwaves to see if one makes sense for you.   Table of contents What is an Over-the-Range Microwave? Over-the-range microwaves are mounted over a range or cooktop. In addition…

over the range microwave

What is a Combination Microwave?

microwaves. However, pricing may vary from brand to brand and model to model. Which Style Do I Prefer? Traditional microwaves and combination microwaves come in a range of different sizes,…

Convection oven with food container

What is a Convection Microwave?

…As you may know, microwaves work by heating water molecules in food. Convection microwaves can do the same and they also work like an oven. Some models may come with…

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