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Quick Video Guide on Buying A Dishwasher

Are you planning to fit your kitchen with a new dishwasher? Or perhaps you’re getting one for the first time. One way or another, our dishwasher buying guide will assist you in choosing an ideal dishwasher for your home.
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Buying your first dishwasher or looking to upgrade? Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right model for your kitchen and your needs. There are many great options to consider.

Let’s break them down into 4 key points: Price, style, size and noise.

First of all, take exact measurements of the space where your new dishwasher will be installed. You’ll want a cozy fit – not too big, not too small.

Next, consider noise. Some dishwashers run more quietly than others, and the noise level should be indicated for you in decibels, or dBA. Anything below 45 decibels can be considered a low-noise dishwasher. You may not want to go for a model rated at over 50 decibels.

What about style? Choose the look that suits your kitchen and your preferences.

All these factors impact the price. You’ll want to strike a balance between your desired features and your budget. Happy shopping.

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Looking to buy a new refrigerator? Here’s an easy guide for you to follow.

Free-standing fridges offer both standard and counter-depth options. They are typically easier to install and are generally more affordable than a built-in model. Built-in is a costlier option because the fridge is built into cabinets, which may require custom designed cabinetry and a professional to perform the installation.

You can also choose its style.
It could either be a Top Freezer… a Bottom Freezer… a French Door Bottom… or a Side by Side. (should be read leaving some space in between styles)

You could also have high-end features, such as water and ice dispensing, for added convenience.

Happy Shopping!

Learn everything there is to know about buying a refrigerator, from sizes and types to configurations and features.

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What is an Induction cooktop?

The first thing to know about them is that they are fuelled by electricity. Unlike gas or radiant cooktops, induction cooktops heat the cookware directly, so the cookware becomes the heat source.

They work 25% faster than radiant cooktops, and up to 52% faster than gas units.
They are 75% energy efficient, against 57% for radiant and 36% for gas cooktops.

Induction cooktops also have other benefits you may appreciate:
– Improved temperature control and response
-Improved cooking results
-They are easy to clean
-They’re a safer cooking option
-Better indoor air quality, as less hot air is released.
-And fast temperature response
For more help, check out our Cooktop Finder Tool.

Happy Cooking!

Looking to buy an induction cooktop? Check out our guide first! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about these high-tech appliances.

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Buying your first dryer, or looking for a new one? Here’s a helpful guide for you. First, measure the space to determine the size and style that you should consider. You should also take into consideration budget and frequency of use. A Stackable washer-dryer kit works better in limited spaces. A Side by Side set-up is more comfortable if you have extra room. You should then decide whether you want a Gas or an Electric dryer. While Gas heats up faster, it requires a gas line hook-up. Electric dryers take a bit longer to dry clothes, but are considered easier to set up. The next step is choosing the configuration and style. For both Top Load and Front Load dryers, the smaller the drum size, the less laundry you can dry per load. Larger households often choose more capacity. You could also go for a model with a Side Swing door or a Hamper Door. There are many other features to consider. Happy shopping!

Whether it’s top load or front load, gas or electric, this guide will help you pick the best dryer based on your space, style preferences, budget and more.

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There are two main options to consider when buying a new stove: gas and electric.
Each of them has its benefits. Let’s take a look…

Gas cooktops offer:
-Precise control over cooking due to heat and flame levels
-Faster temperature response
-Faster heating
-Faster cooling after turning the burner off
-and Spill protection

On the other hand, electric cooktops are:
-Easier to install
-More stable, due to their flat surface
-Easier to clean

Meanwhile, gas ovens:
– Introduce more moisture to the oven, which is better for artisanal baking
-They provide faster preheating
-And faster cooking!

Electric ovens don’t heat as fast as gas, but offer:
-Many programmable options
-A drier heat that allows for crisping up food, such as potatoes or meat skin

Both gas and electric ovens come with convection models, which provide better air circulation and cook more evenly.
Modern ovens sometimes have a self-cleaning option.
Now you’re ready to go shopping!

Gas or electric range? What are the pros and cons to each? Which should I get and do I need any special preparation for either? Get answers here.

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