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Cooktops vs. Ranges

…and 48″ in width (60, 76, 91 and 121 cm). Ranges are typically 30″ (76 cm) wide, which means they usually fit into existing cabinet openings, making them a practical…

A gas and an electric range side by side

Electric vs. Gas Ranges

…to help you out. See this Quick Video Guide on Gas vs. Electric Ranges to Help You Decide Read transcript There are two main options to consider when buying a…

induction cooktop on the counter

Induction Cooking: Everything You Need to Know

…cooking and more. What is Induction Cooking? There are several types of induction appliances, including cooktops, commercial rangetops and ranges or stoves. The first thing to know about induction ranges

Cooktops vs. Ranges

When renovating your kitchen, one of the first things to consider is the appliances you need. There are multiple options, and a question homeowners often…

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