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Cooktops vs. Ranges

…and are often paired with a separate wall oven to create a seamless and integrated look. Cooktops are also available in a range of sizes and configurations.   Check out…

induction cooktop on the counter

Induction Cooking: Everything You Need to Know

…are fuelled by electricity. Unlike gas or radiant cooktops, induction cooktops heat the cookware directly, so the cookware becomes the heat source. They work 25% faster than radiant cooktops, and…

Ceramic Cooktop Buyer’s Guide

…This magnetic energy then interacts with compatible cookware to heat it. Radiant vs. Induction Cooktops: What’s The Difference? When compared to other types of electric cooktops, induction cooktops tend to…

A gas and an electric range side by side

Electric vs. Gas Ranges

…new stove: gas and electric. Each of them has its benefits. Let’s take a look… Gas cooktops offer: -Precise control over cooking due to heat and flame levels -Faster temperature…

Cooktops vs. Ranges

When renovating your kitchen, one of the first things to consider is the appliances you need. There are multiple options, and a question homeowners often…

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