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Dryer with hamper door being loaded

Gas vs. Electric Dryers

…gas and electric dryers. That way, you can decide for yourself which type of dryer might suit your needs. Gas and Electric Dryers: How Are They Different? The most obvious…

front load side by side washer dryer

An Informative Guide To Buying A Dryer

…4.3 cubic feet including ventless dryers). Measurements: The average height of these dryers is 38″ to 43″ (86.36 cm to 109.22 cm), with an average width of 27″ (68.58 cm),…

Why Choose a Smart Washer and Dryer?

…for your household. Table of Contents What are Smart Washers and Dryers? Smart washers and dryers help you multi-task by using the internet to offer additional control over your laundry…

What is a Ventless Dryer?

…vent. Table of Contents Ventless Dryers: How do They Work? Ventless dryers are also known as condensing dryers, and they come in two varieties. The first type of dryer uses…

Person preparing to clean their front-loading dryer

How to Clean a Dryer

…before cleaning. Scrub the interior: a. Electric dryers: Using a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water, scrub the drum walls and both sides of each baffle. b. Gas dryers:…

Man kneeling loading washing machine

How Many kWh Does a Dryer Use?

…energy efficient. Ventless dryers can be “heat pump” or “condensing”. Heat pump dryers typically use less energy via a process that recycles air to dry clothes and also by using…

Dryer with hamper door being loaded

Gas vs. Electric Dryers

When the time comes to buy a new dryer, you have some decisions to make as far as features and design options but, choosing your…

What is a Ventless Dryer?

In homes which are not equipped for vent-style dryer installation, ventless dryers are a good alternative. The drum of a ventless dryer constantly recirculates air…

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