Buyer's Guide \ Why Choose a Smart Washer and Dryer?

Why Choose a Smart Washer and Dryer?

Smart laundry appliances can help make clothing care less of a chore.

Learn more about the benefits of smart washers and dryers and why they might be the right choice for your household.

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What are Smart Washers and Dryers?


Smart washers and dryers help you multi-task by using the internet to offer additional control over your laundry loads.

Smart washers and dryers typically allow you to conveniently control your laundry appliances via an app on your smartphone. You get to remotely control and monitor your laundry appliances and, in addition, the app usually allows you to receive tips and information about maintaining your appliances.

For example, have a look at Whirlpool® Smart Washers and Dryers to discover everything that connected laundry from the Whirlpool brand has to offer.

What Do Smart Washers and Dryers Do?


Typically, smart technology lets you remotely start and stop your appliances from your phone. Alerts may also be sent directly to your phone notifying you that your load of laundry is ready or that your appliance needs some troubleshooting attention. Sometimes, you can use your phone to schedule cycles to start at a later time.

Connected washers and dryers ultimately help reduce trips to the laundry room and create smart solutions for your home.

Unlock Specialty Cycles

It’s common for most people to have some trouble choosing the best option to wash a new piece of clothing. Certain smart laundry appliances are designed to help you through the decision-making process with downloadable cycles for special items. There are also models that  inform you which compatible dryer cycle to go with based on the selected washer cycle.

A connected washer and dryer can help you unlock the right settings for your family’s favourite items.

Schedule and Track Cycles

You shouldn’t have to hang around your laundry room to ensure your clothes get clean. Certain smart washers and dryers offer the benefit of scheduling cycles so that your clothes are ready when you want them to be. This also lets you track progress right from your phone and receive alerts once the cycle is finished. Now, you can stay connected whether you’re running errands or catching up on your favourite TV show in the family room.

Receive Alerts for Maintenance and Servicing

A popular benefit of certain smart washers and dryers is that they alert you that something is wrong and offer immediate support.

Assign Laundry Tasks to Family Members

Here’s a cool benefit! Via some smart laundry apps, you can assign laundry jobs to other members of your household or family.

For example, Assign a Task by Whirlpool helps lighten the load by sharing laundry chores and keeps things  moving by sending tailored text messages (transfer a load to the dryer, fold clothes, etc…) to other members of your household.

Control your Appliance with Voice Commands

Certain connected washers and dryers are equipped with voice-activated technology that helps you tackle your laundry even if your hands are busy with something else.

Find the Best Smart Washer and Dryer for Your Household


Discover a better method of doing laundry with a smart washer and dryer that transforms laundry day into less of a chore.

Once you go smart, there are still a few decisions left to make. If you need extra help narrowing down your washer options, head over to our Washing Machine Finder.
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