Buyer's Guide \ Get Inspired To Create With Powerful Cordless Appliances

Get Inspired To Create With Powerful Cordless Appliances

Cordless appliances allow home cooks to easily create new and impressive culinary possibilities. This is all thanks to their power, portability and sleek design. This guide will introduce you to the three reasons why cordless immersion blenders, cordless hand mixers and food choppers are a must for your kitchen. 

1. Cook The Way You Want With Cordless Appliances

Forget about outlet availability and enjoy preparing a meal while talking to your guests outside the kitchen. Or maybe you want to puree a sauce right in the saucepan.

By ditching the electrical cord, you can enjoy the freedom to let inspiration guide your Cooking. By untethering from an outlet, you can move freely and with ease around your cooking space, creating a better workflow. Unplugging can also help you stop worrying about dangling cords over a boiling pot on the cooktop. Cordless hand blenders mean you don’t have to concern yourself with a cord drooping into that fresh gazpacho. This is power without limitations.

The Cordless Collection from KitchenAid® lets you create cord-free with a 5 Cup Food Chopper, Cordless Hand Blender and 7 Speed Hand Mixer.

2. Cordless Lets You Unplug And Declutter

The cordless revolution has changed the way we cook, and also transformed the look and flow of the kitchen. Fewer cords can result in a kitchen that is more streamlined and less cluttered. They can even help small kitchens look and feel more spacious.

KitchenAid® offers three cordless appliances: the cordless hand blender, the cordless hand mixer and the cordless food chopper. These appliances are lightweight with slim, modern lines that create a clean look. Since they are designed with a flat bottom, these mixers can stand on their own. They also feature the ability to avoid splatter by starting gently. Not to mention, these cordless appliances are equipped with blade guards to protect your favourite cookware.

These appliances are thoughtfully designed with sleek lines, so you can display them on your countertops as statement pieces. Or, if you prefer, you can store them when you don’t need them. Remember, no cord equals easier storage. The food chopper even comes with a case for tidy storage.

3. A Powerful Charge For Powerful Results

We looked at three cordless appliances that are part of the KitchenAid® Cordless Collection. What we learned is that they all come with chargers for their rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and each can go from empty to full in only two hours or less. Another feature is their quick charge option, which takes only 10 minutes and gives you enough power to chop the rest of those onions or quickly mix that cookie batter. Additionally, a charging indicator light notifies you when it’s time to recharge.

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