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Guide to Buying a Quiet Dishwasher

Making incredible meals should be your priority in the kitchen, not cleaning up afterward. Dishwashers that are quiet help make cleanup an afterthought, so you can concentrate on entertaining or enjoying the food you just prepared. Thanks to some recent appliance design innovations, modern dishwashers can handle cleanup quietly. This guide can assist you in finding the right quiet dishwasher for your home.

How Is Dishwasher Noise Measured?

Dishwasher noise level is measured in dBA. This stands for “A-weighted decibels,” which essentially measures how loud something sounds to the human ear. So how many decibels is a quiet dishwasher? A quiet dishwasher may have a dishwasher decibel level as low as 38 dBA, but any dishwasher with a decibel level of 44 dBA or lower may still be considered quiet.

What Makes a Dishwasher Quiet?

Many factors contribute to the reduction of noise in today’s dishwashers, both mechanical and structural. Below are some of the most important ones:
  • Movement of Water: When water flows into the dishwasher, it is cycled through and then pumped out again, causing much of the sound you hear. There are a number of dishwasher manufacturers that minimize these noises with innovations to wash cycles, the amount of force and speed used to spray water, and quieter pump systems.
  • Insulation: The quality and quantity of insulation on the exterior of a dishwasher has a significant impact on its noise output.
  • Disposal Feature: Noise levels will be higher for models with food disposals than those without. These days, many dishwashers come with a food trap system that is easy to clean and results in a quieter dishwasher. 
Hand opening dishwasher door
  • Tub Materials: Plastic tub dishwashers are typically louder than stainless steel tub dishwashers. In addition, sound dampening on the outside of the tub helps to reduce noise. For example, a unique feature from KitchenAid® is that all their dishwashers feature a stainless steel tub with excellent sound dampening that also resists streaks, stains and odours while retaining heat to help improve drying performance.

Types of Quiet Dishwashers

Various dishwasher models today come with these noise-reducing features. Many front-control dishwashers with low dBA ratings are available for those who prefer to control their dishwashers with their fingertips.
Get an integrated, top-control dishwasher that is quiet and is fully integrated for a streamlined appearance. In addition to providing a sleek, minimalist exterior that blends into any kitchen design, fully integrated top-control dishwashers offer quiet operation that blends into the background.
dark kitchen with dishwasher in middle

For those who frequently cook up a feast, look for a dishwasher that has a third rack so you can combat mess-making with three racks of versatile loading options. By adding extra space, you are able to store glasses, mugs, bowls, spoons, silverware, and cooking tools, allowing more room underneath for pots, plates, and mixing bowls. All of these features are available with a 44 dBA rating, which is still quiet enough to let you carry on a conversation or enjoy a meal that has just been prepared without any interruption, even in open-concept kitchens.

Find the Perfect Quiet Dishwasher for You

It is important to understand how many decibels is considered a quiet dishwasher so that you can choose the best model for your kitchen. Now that you have read this guide, we hope that you have a much better understanding.

Ready to install? Find the perfect dishwasher that fits your needs with the Dishwasher Finder Tool. Finding the right quiet dishwasher for your home has never been easier.

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