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Wall Oven Dimensions & Sizes: Know Before You Buy

A wall oven can be the perfect versatile solution for upgrading an older oven, remodelling a kitchen, or just adding extra baking and roasting capacity to your kitchen.

When shopping for wall ovens, it is important to know the dimensions of your space so that the oven will fit your kitchen.

To make it easy for you to choose the right size of wall oven for you and your family, this guide will look at common types of wall ovens and their corresponding sizes and dimensions, as well as how to properly measure.


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What are Standard Wall Oven Sizes?


Standard wall ovens are typically classified as 24″, 27″, or 30″ wide (60, 68 or 76 cm), although these are approximate measurements that vary slightly depending on the exact model. For example, an oven may be listed as 30″ (76 cm) wide, though it may in fact be 29¾″ (75.5 cm). 

The height and depth of wall ovens can also vary, depending on the model and style, with various configurations available.

It is also important to pay attention to the different installation options, such as:


A unit installed in a standard application will sit proud or sit forward of the surrounding cabinetry or countertop.


In a flush inset installation, the front or top of the unit sits flush or on the same plane as the surrounding cabinetry or countertop.

In determining the cabinet cut-out, you will need to consider whether your appliances will be mounted proud or flush. Not all appliances can be installed flush. If your appliances can be installed flush, you will need a larger cut-out than if you intend to mount them proud. However, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s installation guide.

Generally, it’s most important to consider the size of the opening or cut-out needed for installation. Single wall ovens, double wall ovens, or combination wall ovens and microwaves with varying capacities and dimensions are available.

Get to know the wide array of styles, sizes and configurations available when you choose a wall oven

You have lots of choices when enhancing your kitchen with a wall oven. Style? Size? Single, double or combination? Explore these exciting options from KitchenAid brand.

Here are some common wall oven cut-out dimensions:

Single Wall Oven Cut-out Dimensions

The following dimensions can serve as a general guide to what might be available for your kitchen. However, it is important to check the manufacturer’s recommended cut-out dimensions before buying a model.

Please note: the dimensions listed below indicate the general ranges of wall oven sizes. They do not necessarily reflect all wall ovens available on the market today.

30″ wall ovens:

  • Cut-out Height: 27¼ – 28″ (about 70 cm) tall 
  • Cut-out Width: 28½ – 28⅝″ (about 71 cm) wide
  • Cut-out Depth, excluding door frames and handles:  23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) deep

27″ wall ovens: 

  • Cut-out Height: 27⅝ – 28″ (about 71 cm) tall 
  • Cut-out Width: 25¼ – 25½″ (about 63 cm) wide
  • Cut-out Depth, excluding door frames and handles: 23½ – 24″ (about 60 cm) deep
24″ wall ovens:
  • Cut-out Height: 23⁷⁄₁₆ – 23¾″ (about 58 cm) tall
  • Cut-out Width: 22¹⁵⁄₁₆ – 23¾″ (about 58 cm) wide
  • Cut-out Depth, excluding door frames and handles: 21⁹⁄₁₆ – 22 ⅜″ (about 55 cm) deep

A single wall oven from Whirlpool or KitchenAid brand can revolutionize the efficiency of your kitchen

Saving counter space and making food easy to reach are just two of the benefits of wall ovens. Discover more.

Double Wall Oven Cut-out Dimensions

For double wall oven installation, the general widths and depths will remain the same as single wall ovens. However, the height they require may vary. These are some typical cut-out dimensions for double wall ovens:

30″ models: Cut-out Height: 50¼ – 51¹³⁄₁₆″ (about 129 cm) tall

27″ models: Cut-out Height: 50¼″ (about 127 cm) tall


What’s better than a single wall oven?

A double wall oven! You’ll love the freedom of cooking different foods at the same time with these double wall ovens from Whirlpool and KitchenAid brands.

Combination Wall Oven Cut-out Dimensions

For combination wall oven installation, the width and depth requirements are usually the same as double and single wall ovens. The height will depend on the oven and microwave capacities. 

The following are common oven combo cut-out heights:

30″ models: Cut-out Height: 41⁵⁄₁₆ – 43⁷⁄₁₆″ (about 119 cm)

27″ models: Cut-out Height: 41⅛ – 41⁵⁄₁₆″ (about 104 cm)


Combine a wall microwave with a wall oven from KitchenAid brand for the ultimate in flexibility

Explore these combined ovens which configure a microwave and wall oven in one sleek appliance.

How Do I Measure My Current Wall Oven Cut-out Dimensions?


Step 1: Remove your current wall oven

The wall oven you currently have should be removed from the cabinet cut-out or wall to ensure precise measurements.

Step 2: Measure the cut-out width

Use a measuring tape to determine the width of the cut-out from edge to edge.

Step 3: Measure the cut-out depth

To determine the depth of your wall oven cut-out, measure from the wall to the front of the cabinet face, excluding the cabinet door. A typical cabinet depth is 24(60 cm).

Step 4: Measure the cut-out height

Take note of the distance between the top of the cut-out opening and the bottom to determine the height of the cut-out. This distance will differ greatly between a single wall oven and a double wall oven.

What Else Should I Consider Before Buying a Wall Oven?


After determining the amount of space you have for an oven, there are a number of considerations to make sure you’re choosing the right one.

You can choose from a range of styles and features to manage mealtime the way you prefer.

Internal oven capacity

In general, a wall oven’s capacity is related to its dimensions, ranging from space-saving units with a capacity of around 3.0 cubic feet to large units of 10 cubic feet or more.

Typically, a larger wall oven means more cooking capacity while a smaller oven means less internal cooking space.

There are several possible capacities for single wall ovens:

  • 24(60 cm) wall ovens: May give you around 2-3 cubic feet of cooking space. 
  • 27 (68 cm) wall ovens:  Generally pack a little more capacity with around 4 cubic feet inside. 
  • 30 (76 cm) wall ovens: Usually offer capacities between 4.7 and 5.1 cubic feet. Alternatively, you can also find 30″ (76 cm) models with reduced heights to offer just enough extra cooking space for 1-2 dishes at a time with around 1.7 cubic feet of capacity.

The capacity listed for each side on a double wall oven is usually double the listed capacity for each width. For instance, a 27 (68 cm) double oven may include two 4.3 cubic foot spaces totalling 8.6 cubic feet.

Fuel type

Your current set-up may dictate the fuel type you choose, so check before shopping for a new oven. You can find gas wall ovens or electric wall ovens in a variety of sizes.

If both will work for your kitchen, take the time to learn the difference between electric and gas ovens so that you can choose the one that will best meet your needs for cooking.

Features and Settings

Here are three settings and features to consider depending on your model and brand:

Convection bake

To help keep a constant temperature inside the oven, convection ovens typically have a fan that circulates hot air. A true convection system also includes a third heating element.

Fit guarantees

Depending on the manufacturer, some components may be guaranteed to fit perfectly. A separate kit allows customizing wall oven installation to coordinate with existing cabinets through its flexible design elements.

Smart features

You can remotely preheat a connected wall oven with your smartphone. You can also adjust things like cook time or temperature by speaking on your voice-enabled device if you don’t have both your hands free.

Ready to Get Started?

You may have a better understanding of wall oven sizes after reading this article. Still, there are many other key details to consider when shopping for a wall oven that can satisfy your cooking needs. Learn more in this Wall Oven Buying Guide.
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