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Stove Dimensions: What to Know Before You Buy

Are you in the market for a new stove? To begin your search, determine the size of the new stove you need. You can find the ideal size for your kitchen and whatever recipes you love to cook with our stove dimensions guide.

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How Big is a Standard Stove?

Standard stove width is about 30″ (76 cm) and most stoves – or ranges – have a depth of 25-27″ (63.5—69 cm) excluding handles and knobs. A typical stove is 36″ (91 cm) tall, excluding the control panel, which allows it to match most counters. Therefore, the stove’s cooking surface and countertops will integrate seamlessly.

There are a variety of stoves available in these standard dimensions:

  • Free-standing ranges
  • Slide-in stoves
  • Double-oven models
Various factors such as stovetop elements, the number of burners, and oven capacity, to name a few, mean that there are residential stoves between 30″ (76 cm) and 38″ (96.5 cm), or even larger. Additionally, there are stoves specifically made for large commercial-style kitchens, as well as smaller areas.

Fit Tips: Freestanding vs. Slide-In vs. Double Oven Ranges

When choosing a range, consider how it fits with your kitchen, and what changes you might have to make to install the range you really want. Explore your options from Whirlpool brand.

Smaller Stove Sizes for Smaller Kitchens

Compact or small stoves generally have a width of 20—24″ (51—61 cm). They usually feature the same approximate height without control panels (36″ or 91 cm) and depth (25—27″ or 63.5—69 cm) as standard-sized stoves. As a result, they sit flush with standard counters, saving a little horizontal space in small kitchens or apartments.

Apartment-sized ranges are available both in gas and electric, and despite their smaller size, they usually have at least four burners.

PRO TIP: Small stoves typically offer less cooktop area and oven capacity than their larger counterparts. For this reason, those with limited space often purchase a wall oven and kitchen cooktop combo.

Want to maximize cooking capacity with limited space?

Consider installing a wall oven and cooktop to get the best of both worlds. Check out this Whirlpool brand wall oven and cooktop combo.

Commercial-Style Stove Width vs. Standard Stove Width

The width of commercial–grade and commercial–style stoves may differ depending on the number of ovens, cooktop surface size, and other factors. Generally, single–oven commercial–style ranges are between 30—36″ (76—91 cm) wide. For double–oven commercial–style ranges, they are usually between 48—60″ (122—152 cm) wide, if not more.
Models designed specifically for restaurants can be found in a variety of sizes as well. The commercially inspired models for residential homes, though, typically have a depth (25—30″ or 63.5—76 cm) and height excluding control panels, handles and knobs (36″ or 91 cm tall) that are similar to standard–sized stoves. Commercial models typically have premium features as well as additional burners and larger capacity.

Is a standard or commercial restaurant–size range best for you?

Open up the possibilities of a reimagined kitchen. Compare these standard and commercial–style ranges from KitchenAid brand for your home.

Stove Dimensions: How Precise Are They?

So far, we have only discussed the installation cut-out requirements and not the exact dimensions of the stove. This means that a unit classified as 30″ (76 cm) may actually be 29⅞″ (74 cm) wide while still requiring a 30″ (76 cm) wide cut-out for installation. It is always advisable to check the exact stove dimensions to ensure that it will fit into the installation area.

How to Measure Stove Dimensions to Ensure a New Stove Will Fit In My Kitchen?


How you install your new stove will determine this.

  • Will you install a free-standing range on its own?
  • Are you planning to install your new stove between cabinets?

Free-standing Range Installation

If you plan on putting the range on its own, make sure you have enough surrounding space for the door to open easily and for you to be able to move around comfortably. It’s recommended to allow a minimum of 40″ (102 cm) of workspace in front of a free-standing range, and 48—60″ (122—152 cm) between the range and other appliances.
PRO TIP: Read the appliance installation instructions and product guides to learn about the clearance requirements.

How Much Room Do You Need When Installing a Stove Between Cabinets?


The following steps will explain how to properly measure for a stove installation between cabinets:

Step 1: Remove The Existing Stove

Be certain to measure the vacated area of the cut-out to ensure you have the accurate dimensions.

Step 2: Accurately Measure the Stove Cut-out Width

From cabinet to cabinet, precisely measure the cut-out width with a measuring tape. You need to account for the possibility that your cabinets are uneven. You should measure both near the front and near the back of the opening. If the measurements differ, use the smaller dimension.

Step 3: Measure the Stove Cut-out Depth

Take a precise measurement of the depth of the cut-out that extends from the wall to the front of the cabinet, excluding the door. It is recommended to measure both the right and left sides. In case of a difference, use the smaller dimension.

Step 4: Measure the Stove Cut-out Height

Take a measurement starting from both sides of the top of the counter all the way down to the floor for the height of the stove cut-out. While standard counters are roughly 36″ (91 cm) high, this may vary if the floor under your stove differs from the rest of your kitchen.

PRO TIP: Most stoves have adjustable feet, so you can raise them if necessary.

Other Cabinet Installation Clearances to Consider


In order to install a range between cabinets, you need to be aware of the exact clearances that are needed based on the model you have and the fuel source (gas or electric).

Make sure you refer to your appliance’s installation instructions or product guide and follow all local codes and ordinances.

Some of the additional clearances to consider include:

  • For the space above the cooking surface, check the minimum required clearances from the bottom of cabinets or other combustible surface to the cooking surface. This will depend on whether you include a range hood or vent. Ensure that you always adhere to the vent or hood installation instructions regarding dimensional clearances above the cooking surface.
  • Upper cabinet dimensions refers to both the cabinet’s depth and the space from the countertop to the underside of the cabinet.
  • Distance between stove and wall is the minimum distance between the sides of a range and a wall or other combustible material.

Find Your New Stove Today

After determining which stove or range size will work best for your kitchen, start exploring stoves and ranges using our Appliance Finder tool. If you want to learn more about configuration options check out our Complete Guide to Buying a Range. You’re sure to find the perfect stove for your space and culinary aspirations.

How to configure your dream kitchen

Will cooktops, ranges or wall ovens suit you best? Explore the possibilities from Whirlpool brand.
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