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Oven Is Not Working

If your oven is not working, you will want to start with the basic troubleshooting steps: Remember to always check and follow your appliance owner’s manual before beginning any task, as it should be your primary source of information.

  1. Check if the oven is plugged in and receiving power. If you’ve moved the range or renovated recently, the plug might have become dislodged from the outlet. You also need to ensure the fuses or breakers in your electric panels aren’t blown or tripped.
  2. If your appliance is more modern and has an LED screen, check if it’s showing an error code.
  3. Check to see if the “Child Lock” or “Control Lock” features are on. These options typically completely disable other oven controls and will need to be turned off. You can locate these features in your model’s manual.

Common Problems and How to Fix Them

If the appliance shows an error code, check out the model’s provided manual to identify the problem. In some cases, resetting the oven’s power will remove lingering operational errors. Often, you can reset an oven, by powering it down by turning off the circuit breaker and leaving it for one minute before powering it on again.

If the oven is receiving power, but doesn’t heat enough or at all, you need to check the heating elements. In electric ovens, an easy way to do so may be to see if they glow red while the oven is heating up. If they are not sufficiently hot, they might need to be replaced.

In other cases, you may need to check the temperature sensor inside the oven. It might be reading a higher temperature than normal, which could mean the oven shuts off before it can reach the desired heat. Generally, this can be due to a faulty sensor or due to the sensor touching the inside walls and you’ll need to reposition the sensor away from the wall. If it still doesn’t work, you can use an ohmmeter to check if it works at all, and replace it if it doesn’t.

If you have a gas oven and it won’t start, you can check if the pilot light or gas ignitor works properly. The gas ignitor will typically make a distinct clicking noise and/or a ‘whoosh’ when turning on.

The best way to get some help with a misbehaving oven is to contact a professional repair service. If your appliance is part of the Whirlpool family of brands, book a service appointment with the Appliance Pros to get help from a certified service technician.

Can't fix it on your own? Trust our certified technicians for service and repairs beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Learn more.
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Can't fix it on your own? Trust our certified technicians for service and repairs beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Learn more.

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