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How to Wash Pillows

Washing your pillows at least two times per year will help keep them fresh and will remove oils and dirt that accumulate with time.

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Can You Wash Pillows In A Washing Machine?


It depends on the kind of pillow. Certain pillows, such as down-filled and feather-filled, are safe to wash in a washing machine. Other kinds, such as memory foam, are not. To avoid damage to your pillow, always refer to the care label for specific cleaning instructions. Here are some general rules that apply to most pillow types.

Step 1:

Loading, Setting the Temperature, and Selecting the Cycle
  • To balance the load, wash two pillows at a time 
  • Set the water temperature to the warmest recommended setting
  • Select a gentle or delicate washing cycle

Step 2:

Washing and Rinsing
  • Use only a small amount of laundry detergent (and ensure that the detergent you use is suitable for your washing machine)
  • If available, select the second rinse option to ensure that no detergent residue remains on the pillows after they have been washed

Step 3:

Drying Your Pillows
  • For specific drying instructions, refer to your pillow’s care label
  • Select a gentle or delicate drying cycle 
  • For most pillows, dry on a low-heat setting 
  • For down-filled and feather-filled pillows, dry on a no-heat, air-dry setting
  • To help your pillows stay fluffy and wrinkle-free, add dryer balls at the beginning of the drying cycle 
  • Always check that your pillows are completely dry before removing; this helps to prevent mildew and mould growth

Washing Memory Foam Pillows


Always refer to the care label before washing memory foam pillows, but generally speaking, memory foam should be handwashed to prevent the foam material from being damaged or breaking down. Memory foam pillows are safe to rinse in water, but avoid soaking them for any length of time. Try one of the following methods to safely freshen up your memory foam pillow:

  • Generously sprinkle baking soda on both sides of the pillow; let sit for one hour and then vacuum clean
  • Spot clean the pillow using a solution of water and mild detergent
  • Rinse pillow with water and mild detergent solution; gently squeeze until the water runs clear
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Keep performance at its peak. Give your washer the care it deserves beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Learn more.

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